Visual Storms


Execution environments like Java Virtual Machine and Microsoft CLR rely on executables containing information about types and their structure. Method bodies are expressed in an intermediate language rather than machine dependent code to allow verification. Although intermediate language and metadata are required by the execution engine, the information available can be used for other purposes. Visual Storms is a system capable of translate .NET executables in programs that can be executed on the Lego Mindstorms. The translation is possible because of the significant amount of information available in the executables. With Visual Storms it is possible to program Lego Mindstorms using whatever language targets the .NET platform. Programs that can be translated should follow a small set of guidelines in order to guarantee that the programmable brick will be able to execute an equivalent program.


[PPT] Slides of the presenation given at Crash Course version 4 organized by Microsoft Research held in March 2003, Cambridge (UK).
Dipartimento di Informatica, Pisa, Italy