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A Short History

Sutherland (MIT)
Calligraphic display devices
Interactive techniques
Evans & Sutherland founded
Late 60's to late 70's:
Utah Dynasty
Mid 70's:
Raster Graphics (Xerox PARC, Shoup)
Mid 70's - present:
Quest for realism:
Raytracing, radiosity; also mainstream real-time applications.
Interactive graphics as a media form:
Scientific visualization, VR, Infobahn ...

Readings: Hearn and Baker, Chapter 1 (optional). Red book, Chapter 1 (optional). White book, Chapter 1 (optional) This slide should be refined: the role of NYIT is not mentioned, for example. Also, while the ``quest for realism'' is ongoing, the advent of cheap graphics hardware is opening up new mainstream applications that do not necessarily require realism. Scientific visualization has also bloomed in the past 10 years. And then there's multimedia and VR and...

CS488/688: Introduction to Interactive Computer Graphics
University of Waterloo
Computer Graphics Lab