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General Information

Stephen Mann
Wilkin Chau, Patrick Gilhuly
Electronic Resources:
Newsgroup: uw.cs.cs488

5 Assignments (A0-A4) plus a Project (A0 is worth 0 marks).
Marking Algorithm:
Assignments: 32%; Project: 24%; Midterm: 14%; Final: 30%.
You must get at least 50% in both the Programming portion and the Exam portion to pass.
Programming Environment:
C, UNIX, OpenGL, Tcl/Tk, X11, Indigos and Suns.
General Comments:
A tough course: lots of work. Be committed.
Do NOT take graphics and either real-time (CS452) or compilers (CS444).

The printed course notes contain information on marking, important dates, the cheating policy, and so forth. The course web pages contain all this information plus a list of frequently-asked questions, a gallery, a glossary, past exam questions. They also contain information that cannot be known until the term starts, such as office hours.

Assignment specifications are online. Make sure you print out and sign the Objectives sheet for each assignment; include this signed sheet with your hardcopy submission.

CS488/688: Introduction to Interactive Computer Graphics
University of Waterloo
Computer Graphics Lab