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Piattaforma distribuita ad alte prestazioni: question answering parallelo
by A. Tommasi , G. Attardi , A. Cisternino , F. Formica and M. Simi .
Parallel versione of the system for question answering PiqAsso
ClickWorld: metodi di knowledge discovery
by A. Esuli , G. Attardi , A. Cisternino and M. Simi .
Web Content Mining: a Best Bet method
by A. Cisternino , D. Colombo , and D. Picciaia .
Realization of a platform for building interface agents embodied in a robot.
Visual Storms
by D. Colombo , and A. Cisternino .
Lego MindStorms compiler
Sail Studio
by A. Esuli , A. Cisternino , G. Pacini and M. Simi .
Multimodal presentation and natural language comment generation
by G. Attardi , S. Di Marco , D. Dato , A. Gullì and D. Salvi .
Search engine and automatic categorization of Web pages.
by G. Attardi , Maria Simi , Alessandro Tommasi , and Cristian Burrini .
Concept Learning and Question Answering.
Java Campus
by G. Attardi et al.
Development of Java applications and tools in the framework of the Java Campus initiative by Sun Microsystems Italia.
by M. Simi and A. Cisternino .
Configuration assistants for plans of study compilation.
by E. Bresciani , M. Simi , V. Tomatis and A. Cisternino .
A database of vases and cassettes from Ancient Egypt
Interactive Discussion Forum
by G. Attardi , A. Cisternino , D. Dato and A. Gullì .
Tools for managing distributed interactive discussions, integrating hand-held PC's on a wireless network
by A. Lucchesi , G. Attardi , G. Cignoni and R. Scopigno .
by S. Imboden , G. Attardi , G. Cignoni and M. Betrò .
A case study of facial reconstruction on an ancient mummy
by A. Cisternino D. Maggiorini .

ObjShell is a component oriented shell for Windows that enables users to interact directly with COM and .NET components.
by A. Cisternino .
Simple eXtensible Markup Language.
by A. Sperduti , A. Micheli , A.M. Bianucci and A. Starita .
Study of "LInear Output Neural networks for Structures" in the chemical-pharmaceutical domain.
by M. Simi , A. Cisternino , R. Bernardini , T. Schiavinotto , A. Tommasi e C. Zavattari .
Software Agents that play soccer.
Fibonacci in VRML
by F. Adezio .
The buildings of Polo Fibonacci in Virtual Reality
Vespucci II
by M.R. Laganà , G. Pacini e M. Simi .
Research and experimentation of multimedia technologies in education
by A. Cisternino
A program that synchronizes two windows' folder in real time. Has bee used to protect Windows 98 at our Computer Labs.
Web Computing
by Giuseppe Attardi , Antonio Cisternino e Alessandro Tommasi .
Development of an object model for the Web
by A. Tommasi , R. Bernardini , A. Esuli , F. Lombardelli , G. Ranzuglia , C. Zavattari and M. Simi .
Software Agents that play soccer.

Dipartimento di Informatica, Pisa, Italy