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This page collects links to binaries and/or sources of RoboCup teams. If you want to add your team to this list please let me know! Remember that if you participated in RoboCup'00 in Melbourne you are required to add your team (according to the regulations).

Teams list 2000

Team name Home page Binaries Sources OS E-mail Description
11Monkeys   Unknown S. Kinoshita
ATHumboldt 2000   Linux M. Gollin
ATT-CMUnited-2000   Linux P. Riley P. Stone D. McAllester M. Veloso The successor team to CMUnited-99. The primary improvements are online, opponent adaptive planning for set plays and improved passing through an efficient numerical calculation for player interception times.
Cyberoos 2000       Linux SuSe6.1 M. Prokopenko
Essex Wizards   Linux RH6.x K. Kostiadis The successor team to Essex Wizards '99. The main improvements/additions are breakaway and side-breakaway, passing (that uses predicted player positions), fixed plans (for play_on and non-play_on situations), communication, positioning, and high-level decision making.
FC Portugal     Linux N. Lau L.P. Reis FC Portugal is the RoboCup 2000 World Champion. FC Portugal uses a very efficient positioning system and a decision module based on high-level parameters that enable real soccer like playing.
Karlsruhe Brainstormers   A. Hoffmann
Kakitsubata     Java T. Esaki
Magma Freiburg 2000   Windows 95/98/NT K. Dorer
Mainz Rolling Brains 2000     Linux SunOS G. Schwandtner Agents with good technical library which could be used to develop new agents and a modular structure which allows teams with many members to develop simultanously. Some useful graphical tools included (only X needed, no sophisticated toolkit).
Oulu2000   Linux SunOS J. Kemppainen
RoboLog 2000   Linux Kernel 2.2.14 (SuSE 6.4) O. Obst A team written in Prolog. The Prolog Sources require SWI Prolog and the Robolog Library.
SBC++   Linux E. Nazemi
Sharif-Arvand     Linux RH6.2 M.A. Safari SharifArvand participated in robocup-2000 Melbourne for the first time. It took at 7'th place in these competetions(loosing a game by coin toss!). With a very exact positioning and very good low level skills, It had a debugger and a tactic designer that maked it very strong.
Virtual Werder     Linux RH U. Visser Virtual Werder uses an online coach to change team formations depending on the tactics of the oppent and statistics of the game.
YowAI2000       Linux K. Nakayama

Other links

URL Description The official RoboCup library page. You can find here libraries and code samples of RoboCup players. A RoboCup forum Virtual soccer: a virtual reality environment based on the RoboCup simulation. ISI Soccer Automated Assistant Coach (ISAAC): a program that analyze logfiles and return an evaluation of the two teams. RoboMon is a log player for the RoboCup simulation. It uses VRML and Java for displaying 3D versions of the games over the Web.

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