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This page collects links to binaries and/or sources of RoboCup teams. If you want to add your team to this list please let me know!

Teams list 1998

Team name Home page Binaries Sources OS E-mail Description
Andhill-98       - T. Andou  
AT Humboldt'98     - T. Meinert  
CosmOz     - C.G. Jung  
SunOS, Solaris, Linux P. Stone M. Veloso P. Riley The CMUnited-98 simulator team uses several novel multi-agent techniques to achieve adaptive coordination including layered learning and locker-room agreements.
Kappa       - I. Noda  
Ulm Sparrows 98     - S. Sablatnoeg  

Other links

URL Description The official RoboCup library page. You can find here libraries and code samples of RoboCup players. A RoboCup forum Virtual soccer: a virtual reality environment based on the RoboCup simulation. ISI Soccer Automated Assistant Coach (ISAAC): a program that analyze logfiles and return an evaluation of the two teams. RoboMon is a log player for the RoboCup simulation. It uses VRML and Java for displaying 3D versions of the games over the Web.

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