This service provides bidirectional synchronization between the Exchange mail repository of the department and the Ateneo mail repository.
Use your Ateneo credentials to access the Ateneo repository.

All the folders in the Exchange repository will be transferred, except:
Junk, Trash, Deleted Items, Journal.

If you want to synchronize individual folders, provide the name of the folder in the optional field "Filter" (not visible with Internet Explorer 9). The folder name must be fully qualified, including parent folders. A regular expression can be used to specify multiple folders.
In order to choose a folder that is within the folder Inbox, you should specify it name as INBOX (in capitals).

Check the "Test" option if you just want to see which folders will be transferred, withhout actually transferring them.

After the transfer, to make the folders visible in the webmail interface, you will have to use the Manage folders option from the "Folder Action" drop box at the bottom left.

Warning. The Exchange folders will be copied to the Ateneo repository. If you already have folders with the same name in that repository, they will be merged. In particular the Inbox folders will be merged. If you want to put the Exchange folders in a separate folder, use the option "Dest. folder" to specify such folder.

You can continue using your mail Reader program, just configure it by adding a new account, using the settings described in Guide utente Posta elettronica

For questions and comments write to

Dest. Folder