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Annotation Guidelines for DependenciesAnnotation guidelines
Bootstrapping dal CatalanoCatalan tagset
Catalogazione dei sitiCensimento dei siti
CessCat Pos TagsCommercial ProductsConfigurazione del Wiki
Confronto tra risultati copia e incolla e crawlingCorporaCorpus Format
Criteri di selezioneData Formats
DeliverablesDependenciesDependency Tag Translation Proposal
Dependency TagsDependency TagsetDependency mapping
DevelopmentDiagramDifferenze da ISST-CoNLL
Document FormatEsempio di TagEsperimento con copia e incolla
Esperimento con crawlingEvalita 2009Format
Getting StartedGold standardHadoop
Hadoop InstallationHadoop StreamsHadoop Use
ISDTISDT DependenciesIStella
Lexical Morphological AnnotationsMIDTMT Literature
Main PageMapping ISDT to UDLMapping MIDT to Stanford dependencies
Mapping POS tagsMapping STD to UDLMapping to Stanford dependencies
MeetingsMonthly Tasks
Morph taggingMultiTag FormatNE mapping
NE taggerNamed Entity TagsetOS Text Analytics
PARLIPOS & Morph taggingPOS Tagger
POS TagsetPOS and morphology
PartecipantiPoS Mapping
Progetto Fondazione CRPProjectsRepubblica2POS
SVNScheda di CatalogazioneScheda di valutazione
SemaWikiSentence FormatSentence Splitter
Software ArchitectureStatistical Machine TranslationStatus: 2009/9
Stefano Dei RossiSuperSense Tagger
Super Sense TagsetTANL Dependency Tags: Draft
Tanl Dependency TagsetTanl Dependency Tagset Proposal
Tanl POS TagsetTanl POS Tagset (link temporaneo)
Tanl PipelineTanl Pipeline Diagram
Tanl TagsetsTasks: 2009/1-4Team
Technical AnnexToken FormatTokenization and sentence splitting
TokenizerTokenizer e sentence splitterUDL
Weekly TasksWikipedia Extractor
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