Mapping STD to UDL

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STD v.06/13DescriptionUDL 2013UDL LREC-2014
acomp adjectival complement acomp
advcl adverbial clause modifier advcl
advmod adverbial modifier advmod
amod adjectival modifier amod
appos appositional modifier appos
attr attributive attr
aux auxiliary aux
auxpass passive auxiliary auxpass
cc coordination cc
ccomp clausal complement ccomp
conj conjunct conj
cop copula cop
csubj clausal subject csubj
csubjpass clausal passive subject csubjpass
dep dependent dep
det determiner det
dobj direct object dobj
expl expletive expl
infmod infinitival modifier infmod
iobj indirect object iobj
mark marker mark
mwe multiword expression mwe
neg negation modifier neg
nn compound modifier compmod
nnp compound modifier compmod
npadvmod noun phrase as adverbial modifier nmod
nsubj nominal subject nsubj
nsubjpass nominal passive subject nsubjpass
num numeric modifier num
number element of compound number num
parataxis parataxis parataxis
partmod participial modifier partmod
pcomp prepositional complement adpcomp
pobj object of a preposition adpobj
poss possession modifier poss
possessive possessive modifier possessive
preconj preconjunct cc
predet predeterminer det
prep prepositional modifier adpmod
prt phrasal verb particle prt
punct punctuation p
quantmod quantifier phrase modifier advmod
rcmod relative clause modifier rcmod
tmod temporal modifier The corresponding dependence depends from the CPOSTAG.
  • nmod: NOUN, NUM, PRON, X
  • advmod: ADV
  • adpmod: ADP
  • advcl: VERB
  • tmod: otherwise
xcomp open clausal complement xcomp