"Programming with OpenGL: Advanced Techniques" Demo Programs

Here are the demo programs used in the course. They have been compiled and tested on IRIX (SGI's version of Unix) and on Windows '95 PCs. Porting to other Unix systems should be trivial, but we haven't tried it. If you do port them to other Unix systems, Machintosh, etc., let us know, and we'll fold the changes into the program.

The programs grouping is somewhat sloppy. I'll improve the web page with descriptions and better grouping to make them easier to find.

The programs aren't in a completely cleaned up state at the momment. Expect further improvements over time, mostly cleaned up program structure, bug fixes, and better commenting. We decided it was more important to get them out sooner than to clean them up. Please excuse our messiness!

A tar file containing the files below is coming soon. Thanks for your patience.


Here are the Makefiles for building these programs on SGI machines and Windows 95 and NT machines. You are encouraged to submit Makefiles and any source file changes needed to make these programs compile on other systems.


Here are the demo programs themselves:

Natural Phenomena


Volume Rendering

Advanced Texturing

Reflections and Refractions

Stencil Techniques


Image Processing

Procedural Textures



Texture Reading Utilities

Data Files

Here are the data files (mostly textures) the programs use

Files from the data directory

The programs expect these files in a directory called data

Skull Slices

These files should be placed in a directory called skull in the data directory. They are used by volume.c

Flame Texture Animation

This is a movie loop of textures used to animate a flame. They are used by fire.c


Portability changes and bugfixes of these files should be sent to
Tom McReynolds (tomcat@sgi.com)

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